Many with vintage beads


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Casual but classic—this necklace is composed of real turquoise stones in a variety of shades, interspersed with sand-colored stone chips. Matching earrings.

Necklace + matching earrings - $59

This pretty two strand necklace has separate silver clasps, so each strand can be worn by itself. Zebra striped glass beads combined with pale blue pearlized glass and black faceted beads make a unique combination, with matching earrings.

Two necklaces + earrings - $49

The 2-strand bracelet is composed of turquoise and smoky glass beads, with matching earrings. Matching necklace is two strands, with shaded turquoise glass beads, smoky glass beads, and another pair of matching earrings.

Bracelet + earrings - $39, Necklace + earrings - $49.

This is another 2-strand necklace with separate toggle clasps, so each can be worn singly for casual wear or together for a dressier appearance. One strand has turquoise and ivory beads, longer one has turquoise, garnet and ivory beads. Matching earrings in ivory go with either strand.  Two necklaces + earrings - $49

Three twisted strands of tiny glass beads lead to a double strand of larger beads, in shades of aqua and sand, with matching earrings.

Necklace + earrings - $49

This set of ivory and black beads goes with any outfit. It is unusual in design, combining ivory, black glass and metallic silver beads.

Necklace + earrings - $39

Gold-touched garnet and navy blue glass beads are combined with gold-colored beads to make this colorful necklace, which also has separate clasps, so can be word as single strand garnet or navy, or together in combo. Two pairs of matching earrings, one garnet and one navy.

2 necklaces + 2 pair of earrings - $59

1 strand + earrings - $39

This necklace uses pewter-colored metal beads with some black beads to make a casual, silvery delight. Matching earrings.

Necklace + matching earrings - $39

Antique gold and decorative wooden beads are interspersed with patterned malachite and turquoise to make the unique necklace, with matching earrings.

2-strand necklace + matching earrings - $49

   I became interested in making jewelry when I acquired some vintage beads and didn’t know what to do with them. I combined them with contemporary fittings and stones, crystals and glass beads from premier bead sources, putting smaller beads under the collar, to came up with unique, very wearable jewelry at reasonable prices. All of the earrings have a slight dangle, can be fitted for pierced or unpierced ears. Contact me about special orders via e-mail: