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Painting on location is a total experience for me. Whether it’s overlooking a placid Maine harbor, the colorful Amalfi Coast, a dazzling Caribbean beach, sun-drenched Tuscan towns or the dewy Irish countryside, I remember many things about the places I have painted--not only the way they looked, but the sounds, smells and feelings I experienced while painting them.

   I try to incorporate these other senses into my paintings, inviting the viewer to share the sound of moving water, the smell of salty air, the crisp warmth of spring in Ireland or the oppressive heat of an Italian summer. It’s difficult to convey these feelings when working in my studio. That’s why most of each painting is done on location. Even the oil paintings I did in my studio afterwards use the on-location watercolors as reference.

   I bring my watercolors with me wherever I go. People tend to stop and comment when they see me painting--it seems everyone is, has been, or knows someone who is--an artist. What interesting encounters I have had! I have many more paintings, sketches and photos of other places I have been in Mexico, the Caribbean, Europe, Canada and throughout the United States. Each represents a special moment in time for me. Perhaps for you, too.

   Some of these paintings have already been sold, but you can inquire about buying one that is not sold, or commission a painting of your own favorite place. E-mail or view paintings at my studio/gallery: N7244 Manske Road, Lake Mills, WI 53551. Phone at 920-648-7816.  Oils start at $600 plus frame, watercolors at $499, presentation matted but unframed.

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Azaleas on the Terrace, Ravello - Original watercolor, 10x13 - SOLD.  I painted this picture sitting on the terrace of our hotel. SOLD

Azaleas on the Terrace, Ravello - Original oil, 11x14

This is the oil version of the painting on the left.

Cortona Back Street (left) -  Original watercolor, 10x10

Intrigued by the extreme darks and lights in the Italian hill towns, I used the w/c painting as reference for the oil.

Cortona Back Street (right) - Oil, 14x11.

Tuscan Countryside (left) - 14x11,  Original Oil from the watercolor and photo.

   This area was publicized in the movie, “Under the Tuscan Sun.”

Tuscan Countryside (right) - Original watercolor, 10x13 - SOLD.

Venice Canal (left) - 14x11,  Original Oil  from watercolor.

Venice Canal (right) - Original watercolor 22x30

These scenes were painted from a photo taken while riding in a gondola.

Assisi Street Scene (left) -Original watercolor, 10x13.

It was a challenge to paint streets and buildings that are never straight, and to dodge the cars and motorcycles while we we’re doing it.

Assisi Street Scene (right) - Original oil, from the watercolor 14x11.

View from the Kitchen - Original watercolor, 14x11 - NFS

This was the view from the kitchen of our home in Italy.

Casey Homestead, County Sligo - Original watercolor, 14x11 - SOLD. Twelve children were raised in this charming cottage.

Fishing Boats, Amalfi - Original watercolor, 10x13 - SOLD

The fishermen seem to ignore the beautiful views.

South Bay, Maine -Original watercolor, 10x13 - SOLD

We had lobster every night while staying in the homestead below.

Homestead in Bar Harbor - 13x10, Watercolor - SOLD

Former home of a quarry owner, his workers slid huge granite slabs down the hill and loaded them onto barges in the sound.

Bolongo Bay, St. Thomas - Original watercolor, 10x13.

I have few paintings from St. Thomas. The owner of the condo where we stayed bought most of them.

Geraniums on the Terrace - 13x10, Watercolor.

Another view painted from the terrace of the hotel in Ravello, Italy.

Poppies on the Hillside - 13x10, Watercolor.

I climbed to the top of a hill and painted this view from the restaurant --see the picture at the top of this page. Completed when I got home; I didn’t think I could climb back up to finish it on location.

Castle View with Poppies (left) - Original watercolor, 8x10.

Castle View with Ginestre (right) - Original watercolor, 8x10

Both were painted from my photos of views around Caldarola, Italy.

Ponte Vecchio, Florence - Original watercolor, 8x10.

Back view of this busy shopping area, where dollar used to be king.

Fountain in Cannes, France - Original watercolor, 13x10.

I sat in this park overlooking the Mediterranean and painted the fountain, while passersby made comments in French. (Complimentary, I hope.)