Come along on a wonderful journey with me. I have written and illustrated “Watercolor Journeys” as an e-book, designed to encourage beginning artists to learn their craft by drawing and painting on location, and to encourage seasoned artists to leave the studio frequently and paint en plein air. Rewards are enormous for both!

Beginning artists will learn more from painting landscapes, figures or still lifes from the real thing than they will ever learn from books or classes.

Experienced artists will find new inspiration in nature, and will end up with a series of paintings that can be the story of their lives.

  1. The first part of the book offers suggestions for artists who have never painted on location.

  2. The second part shows examples of the kind of work that can be accomplished when drawing and painting from life. Insets offer technical advice.

  3. The third part offers anecdotes from my own watercolor journeys that I hope will entertain you and lead you to realize that painting plein air can be both enjoyable and rewarding.

  4. The fourth part is for those who have accumulated a
    lot of artwork--suggestions on how to market it.

  5. Included is information on using computers to enhance and promote your artwork.

    Click on small pages below to see full-size pages from the book.

Watercolor Journeys - 120 pages, written and profusely illustrated by J. Carolyn Liedtke.

If you have an iPad, iPod or Mac OSX, you can download this e-book from the Apple Books Store for $14.99. Just click on the link:

If you have a Kindle Reader, you can download Watercolor Journeys from Amazon’s Book Store--just enter the title in the search box.